Sand and Gravel

#5 River Gravel

River Gravel

We carry 6 sizes of River Gravel to suit any need


Our most popular sizes

#7 "Pea Gravel"

#7 Pea Gravel


#57 River Gravel

#4 River Gravel  "Egg Rock"

#4 Egg Rock



We can package some of our smaller aggregates in a bulk bag.  These bags usually contain about 2300 lbs.  Custom weights can be done upon request.


Concrete and Masonry Sand


Our concrete sand is used by most ready mix plants in Northwest Georgia.  It is consistently sized and meets Georgia DOT specifications.

Our masonry sand is finer than concrete sand.  It is used for laying bricks and blocks.  It can also be used for top dressing lawns and forming a smooth base under pavers.

Crimson Stone

Available in two sizes

Large   1" -  2" 

Small   3/8" - 1"


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